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Multi-Tiered Approach to Family Engagement and Empowerment

Dear NLPS Families,

We are excited to launch a multi-tiered program to empower and engage our families to serve as co-partners in educating students. Parents are their child’s first teacher and their knowledge, skills, and dedication to supporting student growth is incredibly important. We value these adult partnerships very much! 

To that end, we are happy to share a multi-tiered approach to family engagement and empowerment. Through these efforts, we aim to: 1.) tap into parents’ knowledge, skills and interests; 2.) build adult capacity (regarding grade level content standards, instructional strategies and school programs and resources); 3.) build trusting partnerships that allow for two-way conversation and collaboration; 4.) honor and celebrate the diversities and various cultures found throughout our school community. 

We plan to achieve the above through the following strategies: 

  • In-person and virtual parent meetings, at each school, each month 
  • In-person or virtual parent-teacher conferences, throughout the month of November 
  • Bi-monthly school newsletters, to include class content information, sent home 
  • Bi-monthly video communications featuring updates from students and staff 
  • New district app, which also allows for two-way passive texting in multiple languages (Click here for directions to download this app.) 
  • Parent volunteer opportunities (Please click here to register.) 
  • PTO meetings held monthly, at every school 
  • Increased home visits, following the CT State Department’s LEAP Conversation Framework 
  • Parent Ambassador leadership positions, now available at each school (Please click here for job description.) 
  • New opportunities to engage fathers as partners in co-educating students. Please see the upcoming engagement opportunity entitled “Dads Matter Too”. Conference to be held on Nov. 18 & 19. Please click here for more information. 
  • NLPS district and school staff presence at various locations throughout the community 
  • Birth to Age 8, early childhood focused “Dinner and Discussion”, held every three weeks at BP Mission (childcare available) 
  • Parent University, parent-directed learning academies (Please click here to suggest topics for adult learning and conversation.) 
  • Special Education informational seminars and individual family opportunities to connect with our new bilingual Special education/Multi-lingual learner advocate 
  • District-sponsored family engagement events that celebrate cultural foods, dance, and music 

We look forward to partnering with our families in new ways, grounded in research-based frameworks. Please remember that all events are now on our district calendar (click here) and found on our app under “resources”.  We thank you in advance for your partnership! 

Superintendent Ritchie 

  • Jersahid Valencia, Coordinator of Parent/Caregiver Empowerment and Engagement 
  • Dr. Valerie Kelsey, Executive Director of Student Support Services
  • Carrie Rivera, Assistant Director for Mental Health
  • Dr. Hills-Papetti, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Programming and Student Achievement
  • Carol Paldino, Supervisor of Special Education/Multi-lingual Programming 
  • ALL staff, who are dedicated to parent/caregiver engagement