District Improvement Plan (DIP)

  • NLPS 2021 provides a district alignment system for vision, mission, theories of action, high leverage district strategies, district/school action plans and places to collect, reflect and log results. The plan represents a continuum that is best defined as both a top down and bottom up system where initiatives begin strategically at the district level but are informed and crafted by results from schools and classrooms. 

    In the formulation and design of NLPS 2021, design decisions were centered on relevance, immediate need and accountability. Recognizing the district’s desire to continue to unite in collaborative efforts, while rolling out a high-level accountability plan, extra effort and care were made to honor the following considerations when drafting the district’s strategic plans:

    The plan must be tightly aligned to the district vision, mission and goals: The NLPS vision and mission speak to the deep understandings and aspirations of all stakeholders; the new strategic plan must match these beliefs and provide the concrete steps towards making them a reality.

    The plan must honor and embrace the current work and strengths of the district: Recognizing the positive work underway in the district, a new strategic plan must not disrupt but must rather provide revisions that enhance and build on current efforts.

District Improvement Plan

Feedback Survey

  • NLPS is seeking input on its current and future goals, as well as input on ideas for spending COVID-19 relief dollars to best support students, staff, and families moving forward.  Please above to view the results of our District Improvement Plan goals and then click here to take a short survey to share your thoughts.

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