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Visual & Performing Arts Pathway

About the Visual and Performing Arts Pathway

The Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Pathway offers a comprehensive, integrated educational program in and through the arts. Rigorous academics are combined with an arts curriculum that includes vocal and instrumental music, visual art, dance, theatre, media arts, and arts integration. Using the HOT Schools approach of strong arts, arts integration, and democratic practice, we collaborate with arts partners from throughout the region to offer a challenging academic program responsive to every student’s interests and needs. An education built on creative expression enables students to perceive, interpret, analyze, invent, and create in ways directly aligned with Common Core Standards and 21st century skills.

While traditional school districts offer just music and art, New London Public Schools’ Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Pathway includes additional arts that both set the district apart and engage students in more diverse ways. These include dance, theatre, pages café (at Nathan Hale), and media arts (any art done through technology such as graphic design or film production, etc.). 

The construction of specialized, professional-grade facilities at both Nathan Hale and the High School campus ensures that students have access to a multitude of opportunities and maximize their success in the arts.

Academic Achievement

Students who attend our Arts Pathway schools experience an academic program where rigorous academics are infused through the arts.  Using the HOT Schools model of strong arts, arts integration and democratic practice, our students are immersed in the arts including vocal and instrumental music, visual art, dance, theatre, media arts, and interdisciplinary, hands-on learning. 

Community Partners

Visiting artists and local organizations bring professional rigor to the arts programming.  These partners include: Mystic Museum Of Art, Expressions Cultural Center, Lyman Allyn Museum, Flock Theatre, Backbeat City, Garde Arts Center, Eastern Connecticut Ballet, and HOT Schools' Master Teaching Arts. 

Pathway Culture

The priority in our pathway is the culture and climate we create together.  Collaboration is a key component of democratic practice, and students' voice, choice, and responsibility for our community is what makes us unique.  It is our school culture that allows students to take risks, develop their talents, learn from mistakes, and work hard to take care of each other in every experiences. 


Students have access to both traditional and specialized courses that meet their academic needs and artistic interests, ensuring they are college -or career-ready by graduation. 

State-of-the-Art Technology

21st Century Skills are critical to student success and a priority in New London Public Schools.  Piano keyboarding lab, iPads, Macbooks, and Microsoft Surfaces are utilized for music and media arts lessons, as well as integrated into the core curriculum.  Every classroom is equipped with an Epson Interactive Projector or Touch Panel! 


  • English Language Arts
  • Creative Writing
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Concert Band
  • Chorus
  • Guitar
  • Piano Keyboarding
  • Media Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • We are excited to announce our membership with Arts School Network. Arts school leaders have unique, contextual needs for professional development specific to school-type and job.  By convening with peers and representatives from relevant industries, our members collectively create tomorrow’s artists and patrons.

    Our vision is to empower leaders of arts schools by connecting them regionally, nationally and internationally to raise the quality, profile, and success of the students whom they serve.