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Resource Reservation

We use Outlook and Office 365 to reserve rooms in New London Public Schools. This is a one-step process that reserves the room from within Outlook rather than needing to log into a separate website to reserve a room. This replaces the previous method of reserving resources through our school websites.

Here’s an example of how to book a room from within Outlook 2016:

Inside of Outlook 2016, open your Calendar and create a New Meeting


Fill in the names of the people who are invited to the meeting as usual.  If you want to reserve a room without inviting someone (Example: scheduling a computer lab or cart), you can leave this field blank.

Fill in a subject for the meeting.

Select the Date and Time for this event.

Click on the “Rooms” button on the right.

Select the Room you would like to reserve and click the “Rooms ->” button to add it.  Press “OK” to confirm.  The rooms are sorted by school code.  You will see all schools in this list. W
hen the Rooms window appears, be sure you choose  “Name only” rather than “More columns” or you will not see the rooms listed (image 2).