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Magnet School Admissions

Please visit our Choose Magnet page to learn more about the Magnet Pathways, read the FAQ, and get the links to apply now!

New London has been designated by state legislation as the only “Magnet District” in Connecticut. This makes New London a unique district. Magnet themes currently offered include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Performing and Visual Arts, and Language and Culture. Leadership and Public Service is the fourth and final magnet pathway approved by the Board of Education that will be implemented.

Each school provides breakfast, snack, and lunch. All of New London’s public elementary schools offer full-day kindergarten programs and a before and after child care program is available. Our magnet schools are equipped with the most up to date, innovative technology.

Open to all Connecticut Residents:
Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School
STEM Magnet Middle School
Science & Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut
Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School
Arts Magnet Middle School
C.B. Jennings Elementary School (Grade K)
Open to New London Residents Only:
C.B. Jennings Elementary School (Grades 2-5)
Harbor Elementary School

STEM Pathway
 Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School
Grades K-5
 Winthrop School offers a comprehensive STEM theme.  Students are encouraged through hands-on learning and exploration within the various fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Winthrop’s students participate in interactive coursework to imagine, investigate, and invent.   The STEM Program at Winthrop School is designed to inspire student creativity and prepare its students to compete in today’s competitive world of technology development.

Winthrop’s community partners include the United States Coast Guard Academy, Connecticut College, Mitchell College, Mystic Aquarium, Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, Mystic Seaport, Connecticut Science Center, and the Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut, and many more.  

Winthrop honors the New London Public Schools’ Sibling Policy for enrollment.


 STEM Magnet Middle School
Grades 6-7

STEM Education is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The STEM Academy @ BDJMS enables New London and out-of-district students entering grades six and seven to engage in rigorous tasks by examining and solving real world problems. In 2017-18, the STEM Academy @ BDJMS will open to out-of-district students entering the 8th grade. Students are immersed in authentic, interactive, investigations that encourage their curiosity and motivate them to learn how the world works.  Our school's intructional practices provide rich hands-on learning experiences for all learners.  Students who complete our grade 6-8 STEM Academy will attend the Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut located at New London High School. 

  • Building middle school scholars who are college and career ready through peer collaboration, communication and creative problem solving
  • Integrating inquiry-based learning in all content areas
  • Giving students opportunities to apply their knowledge of science and mathematics to find suitable solutions to everyday problems through engineering coursework using Project Lead the Way
  • Providing rigorous personalized instruction for every student based ontheir current skill level and supported by online resources
  • Featuring extensive after school programming that includes a unique partnership with New England Science and Sailing (NESS) where all STEM students will learn to sail, kayak, snorkel and explore marine sciences at locations in Stonington and Ocean Beach Park
  • All students attending SMMS will have the opportunity to participate in the BDJMS electives: art, band, chorus, Spanish and technology


 Science & Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut
Grades 9-12

The Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut is a STEM-experiential learning hub and the magnet choice of 350 regional students and their families. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program is known for its rigorous and realistic learning environment with limitless academic and extracurricular offerings.

STMHS prepares its diverse student body for continuing educational opportunities through high-quality instruction and dynamic leadership and shapes its students to become well-rounded, scientifically literate and responsible 21st century citizens.

While at STMHS, our students are able to enroll in college-level STEM classes at Three Rivers Community College, Connecticut College, Mitchell College and the US Coast Guard Academy and are eligible to receive college credits from those classes. STMHS has rigorous education standards and the staff continuously identifies and develops each student's creativity and educational potential.

For admission into STMHS please view the school website at

Points of Pride

  • A personal education plan for every student
  • College counseling
  • College credit opportunities
  • Competitive athletic programs
  • Diverse and talented students and teachers
  • Engineering and Biomedical Programs certified by Project Lead the Way
  • Experiential learning
  • Extensive after-school programs
  • Senior Capstone Projects
  • STEM concepts integrated into all academic areas
  • Strong community partnerships


Arts Pathway Info


 Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School
Grades K-5

Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School is a kind and caring community where staff, students, families and community members feel welcomed, safe, and valued.  Recognized as a school of distinction for its academics, Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School’s approach infused the arts into high academic standards in a fine, orchestrated dance. 

Utilizing state of the art technology and facilities, students are offered a rigorous, interdisciplinary education program.  Through creativity, hands-on experiences, and working side-by-side with educators who share a passion for the arts, we celebrate the unique talents and individuals abilities of our diverse student population, cultivating an innovative culture of teaching and learning.

Students exposed to all art forms at the elementary level in unique, professional facilities:

  • Dance studio
  • Art studio with kiln room
  • Outdoor art classroom
  • Keyboarding room with iMacs
  • Science Lab
  • Choral music room
  • Instrumental/band room
  • Live broadcast studio
  • Media Center/computer lab 

** Students enrolled in Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School automatically have a seat in the Arts Magnet Middle School after grade 5.



Arts Magnet Middle School
Grades 6-8

Arts Magnet Middle School is a small community of highly trained educators and motivated students who work together to infuse creativity and the arts throughout their day.

Using the HOT Schools model of strong arts, arts integration and democratic practice, our students are exposed to and immersed in the arts including vocal and instrumental music, visual art, dance, theatre, and media arts.   The arts curricula are built into each student’s schedule as well as embedded in the other core classes through our interdisciplinary approach to learning. This develops creativity, teamwork and collaboration, character, and a refined approach to problem solving and critical thinking.

Our community partnerships are a key element in the specialized opportunities available in this middle school option.  Our students have access to professionals in every field both on campus and all over our region.  They work with artists from different countries with Expressiones Cultural Center, perform on stage at the Garde Arts Center, exhibit their work in the Lyman Allyn Museum, and more!  This professional exposure prepares our students for authentic learning to be successful in any field. 

** Students enrolled in Arts Magnet Middle School automatically have a seat in the future Arts Magnet High School, the only one of its kind in southeastern Connecticut.

A.M.M.S honors the New London Public Schools’ Sibling Policy for enrollment.


Dual Language Pathway


C.B. Jennings Elementary School
Grades K-5

Jennings School offers Dual Language and FLES magnet school themes. The Dual Language Program is an enrichment program that allows students to learn a second language through academic content.  Students in the Dual Language Program receive classroom instruction in both English and Spanish.  Jennings’ Dual Language teachers are highly trained in second language acquisition and special instructional strategies are used to make the content understandable.  

It is recommended that students enter the Dual Language Program in Kindergarten or grade 1. Due to the rigor of the Dual Language Program, it is difficult to enter students, after grade 1, who have no Spanish language ability. If your child does have Spanish language ability and you would like for them to be considered for available slots beyond the first grade, please contact Dr. Miriam Taylor to discuss enrollment, at (860) 444-3184.

Students in the FLES Program receive classroom instruction in English while taking Spanish as a foreign language class. The FLES Program is limited to one class per grade level in grades K–5.    

The following is the sibling procedure with specific guidelines for Jennings:

Grades PK–1

  • Siblings may enroll in the Dual Language Program based on space availability and classroom composition;


Grades 2–5

  • Siblings with a comprehensive understanding of Spanish may enroll in the Dual Language Program, following school-based assessment and based on space availability and classroom composition; and


Grades K – 5

  • Siblings with no comprehensive understanding of Spanish may enroll in the FLES Program based on space availability.



Harbor Elementary School
Grades PreK-5

Harbor Elementary is a choice for New London families ONLY. It is a small school community that offers a personalized experience.

We offer a dynamic, hands-on and experiential learning environment ideal for young learners.  

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