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Secondary (6-12) Continued Long Distance Learning Educational Opportunities Plan

Dear Middle & High School Students and Families!

Welcome to the NLPS Online Learning Plan. We have missed you over the past week. The New London Public Schools’ administration and staff are dedicated to supporting students and families during this unprecedented time. We have created a flexible learning approach that delivers essential content to students in each of their courses. This page provides information on that plan.

What are the district's initial objectives for the New London Online Learning Plan?

  • to be flexible and responsive to student and family needs
  • to continue student learning through a new platform
  • to support students in the effective use of online learning tools
  • to connect with all of our students and support their diverse learning needs
  • to provide frequent communication and feedback on student learning

How will students engage in online learning?

Edgenuity Courseware 

All English, Math, Science, And Social Studies core content classes will use Edgenuity courseware. Edgenuity courseware will ensure the following: 

  • a common learning experience for students
  • support curricular aims and objectives
  • provide for consistent educational delivery in case a teacher becomes ill

What is Edgenuity Courseware?

Instruction is provided to the student via a series of videos, written text, and activities for practice. In the way that a subject’s textbook is divided into chapters, the coursework on Edgenuity is divided into modules. At the end of each module the student must be successful with all of the corresponding assessments to be able to move forward to the next module. The assigned facilitator must move the student to the next module or release the student to repeat the module if not initially successful. Once all modules are completed for any given subject, the program evaluates the student and provides feedback. (See attachment for log-in instructions to Edgenuity.)

Google Classroom

Elective teachers will use Google Classroom as their primary method to conduct online learning.  Core Teachers will also have the option of using Google Classroom to support Edgenuity courseware.


Teachers will focus on the work that is most essential for student progress. Teachers will assign a reasonable workload and encourage students to balance their online work with other needs. Using Google Classroom’s features, teachers can post messages and documents, embed links to content, comment on student work, and much more.  Google Classroom also includes features that allow students to submit their work electronically and reply to their teachers and classmates. For questions about accessing Google Classroom, students should contact their teachers directly.

This video conferencing application serves as another method to support online learning. Through the platform, teachers will offer face to face interaction with students during office hours and scheduled live learning sessions that will be offered weekly.

Outlook Email
Like Google Classroom, Outlook is a communication tool that students and teachers use regularly and will continue to use as we move to the NLPS Online Learning Plan.

What will teachers and students do during Classroom Office Hours/Live Lessons?

Teachers will identify learning objectives for the week, clarify concepts, respond to student questions and provide guidance and support for students. They will not be teaching full lessons or directing instruction like a traditional school day; however, they will closely monitor student progress and course accounts to adjust where appropriate.  Students may ask questions, provide feedback and seek additional support to what they are learning on Edgenuity or Google Classroom. 

Classroom Office Hours are simply a time that teachers will make themselves available or might schedule a time to meet with a student virtually.  Live Lesson scheduling will occur minimally once a week using the Live Lesson schedule featured below and will be useful to check for student understanding, provide feedback, and build community.

When will students engage in online learning?

Once students see their assignments posted in Google Classroom or Edgenuity, they can complete their work when it best meets their schedule. Each teacher will communicate when work is due, but all will remain flexible as we move education online for the first time. To support student learning, NLPS built a schedule for students to check in with their teachers using ZOOM and teachers will post when they want all students to meet via the schedule below for instructional purposes or for office hours.


  • Follow the A/B schedule below to schedule “live lessons” for learners.
  • Live lessons are optional but certainly advantageous.
  • The A/B schedule intends to eliminate teachers presenting live material at the same time otherwise restricting the opportunity for the learner to be in 2 spots at once.Time Chart

What should a student do if they are not able to join Classroom Office Hours on a given day?

Teachers understand that students may not always be able to attend their Office Hours/Live Lessons but will track student participation both in Google Classroom and Edgenuity.  ZOOM meetings during office hours or live lessons are designed to enhance the distance learning experience. 

What should a family do if they do not have enough devices for their children? 

NLPS staff is aware that students may have to share devices to do their work. Teachers will assign essential work in Edgenuity/Google Classroom and will be flexible about when that work is due. The district has established a process for families to pick-up loaner device(s). More information is available on the tech support link.

How is NLPS supporting students with IEPs and 504 plans?

Students with IEP’s

All special education teachers will be in contact with the students they are assigned to discuss and explain how services will be provided. On the NLPS website there will be explanation on each specialized classroom.

Students with IEP’s will work with their special education teacher and regular teacher to determine modifications for these core classes. Resource special class teachers will provide students additional support with classroom office hours each afternoon and on Wednesdays. Special education co-teachers will have access to their co-teachers Google classroom to review assignments and support their assigned students.

504 students will be contacted by their guidance counselor or other personnel assigned as their case manager to determine their needs.

Helpful Hints: 

Set Daily Routines 

We encourage families to help students establish daily routines during this time. Routines are helpful to provide continuity, support students in achieving their goals, and offer structure as we transition to a new way of operating. By having assignments posted by a certain time each week and providing Classroom Office Hours, we hope to support each student as they continue their academic journey. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the teacher via email.  

Take Breaks 

Students should not be sitting in front of a computer or tablet for multiple hours per day. A good rule of thumb is to have them complete the work for one or two subject areas and take a five minute break to walk around, grab a snack and just take a break from the screen. 

Ongoing Support 

We appreciate that this Ongoing Educational Learning Plan is new to everyone: students, teachers, and families. While we cannot replicate the classroom learning experience, we have designed meaningful, targeted weekly learning opportunities for the coming weeks. 

We will be moving slowly in the first week to give families, students and staff a chance to get to know the Edgenuity platform and will be adding more in the coming weeks. Classroom teachers and support staff (English learners, special education, school counselors, etc.) will communicate with you regularly. Again, as you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher, building administrator or myself. If you have technical questions, please contact the Help Desk at 

Please stay safe and healthy! 


Tommy Thompson

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Professional Development 6-12

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