Family Engagement Events

  • We are excited to continue to engage and empower our families to serve as co-partners in educating students. This year we are rolling out a multi-tiered, 6-step approach that includes: 
         1.) a variety of school-based engagement events;
         2.) parent leadership liaisons (per building), and
         3.) U for Youth (parent academies) to help bring forth additional information on topics requested by families. Additionally, parents are welcome to be actively involved in
         4.) any of our district sub-committees as well as
         5.) Board of Education sub-committees. (See next section for more information.) 

    Furthermore, the district will sponsor a variety of
         6.) family engagement social events to invite our school community to gather around food, music, dance, and cultural festivities.

    We plan to invite families to campuses, as well as meet them out in various spaces around the community, like done this summer. These events will be shared with families and calendared on our district’s website. Please see below to see our comprehensive list of events, which will continue to be added to.

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