• Climate and Culture

    My name is Maureen L. Bransfield and it is with great enthusiasm and dedication that I take on the Director of Climate and Culture role at New London Public Schools. As the director of this program, I am here to ensure that your student has not only a successful and productive educational experience, but a happy and healthy one as well. It is important for us to provide an atmosphere for your student socially, emotionally and academically to ensure their holistic wellness as they journey through these formative and defining years.

    The priority in our schools is the culture and climate we create together. Collaboration is a key component of our democratic practice, and students’ voice, choice, and responsibility for our community is what makes us unique. It is our school culture that allows students to take risks, develop their talents, learn from mistakes, and work hard to take care of each other in every experience.

    If you would like to contact me, my email address is bransfieldm@newlondon.org You may also reach me by phone at (860) 389-2618.

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