4 Day AB Cohort Model

  • Our district has continued to offer 2 differentiated instructional models: a Hybrid Model as well as a full-time Distance Learning Model.  Currently 61% of our elementary population is choosing the Hybrid Model and 39% of the population is choosing full-time Distance Learning.  At the secondary level, 56% of students are choosing to attend in the Hybrid Model and 44% percent are choosing to participate in full-time Distance Learning. 

    We continue to monitor daily, weekly, and bi-weekly COVID-19 data trends working in conjunction with our medical advisors.  Our in-school COVID-19 data for the school year tells us that our Hybrid Model has been working.  Data from our facilities are also continually reviewed.  I commend our custodians and various staff for ensuring buildings are cleaned.  I am additionally pleased that our air filters are inspected, and air quality is monitored regularly.  Our facilities are also looked at regarding occupancy.  The two paths chosen by our students and families have resulted in extremely low building usage. Building enrollments, on average, are less than 30%. With that said, we are going to begin to invite more Hybrid Model students back to a dual-cohort, 4-day per week in-person schooling model.  This new opportunity is coined Dual Cohort AB. It is not mandated but is another option for Hybrid parents to consider. Those hybrid students, who choose to apply to move from the 2-day a week Cohort A or B Hybrid model to the Dual Cohort AB model, would be expected to attend school four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesdays will continue to be a fully remote instructional day for all students at this time.

    Through our calculations, our class sizes for both elementary and secondary levels should continue to remain below regular size through mid-March. Our facility usage should also remain below 50% of its capacity.  We will continue to evaluate our COVID-19 data, facility usage, and student learning engagement numbers to make additional, small-scale changes as we continue through the month of March.  Teachers will continue to make recommendations for Hybrid Model students to be invited into a Cohort AB instructional model. If your child currently attends Cohort A or Cohort B and you are interested in having your child considered for the four-day Cohort AB model, please complete the following form by clicking here