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  • Thank you for your interest in New London Public Schools, home to 3,600 amazing and diverse (PreK-12) students in an urban center on the shoreline of Southeastern, CT.  We invite you to experience the personal reward of making a difference in the lives of New London’s students as we collectively aim to support their academic, social and technical skillset development to prepare them for college, careers and beyond.  New London has received statewide recognition and garnered the support of the CT State Department of Education for its many educational and innovative initiatives as it aims to strive for high academic outcomes and transform to become Connecticut’s first and only all-magnet school district.

    New London attracts students from 41 surrounding Connecticut towns to join in learning aligned to three thematic pathways: International Education (soon to be named International Baccalaureate), STEM and Arts.  STEM, the most developed pathway provides cohesive programming for students K-12.  The Arts and International Education pathways are in the process of spreading into the secondary levels for district-wide (K-12) pathway completion by 2024.  Three innovative building projects accompany this thematic program development as we continue to transform as a district physically and programmatically.

    Most professional educators want to teach in a great district where they have the opportunity to exercise their creativity and passion for teaching and learning in an environment where they are valued and where their continuous growth and development is always supported.  Under its new vision, mission and goals outlined in its improvement plan (NLPS 2021), New London Public Schools aims to “United All In Excellence” through offering a unique opportunity to work in an exciting and supportive school system, focused on the development of the whole child through a team approach to success.

    New London Public Schools is an: 
    Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer

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    *A $1000 hiring bonus may be offered to new employees certified in an area of shortage as defined by the state department of education. Additional retention bonus payments of $750 annually for up to four years may be offered with contract renewal.*

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