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Business Office

The business office is responsible for the financial activities of the school district, including budget development, adherence to general fund and grants budgets compliance, proper procurement, payroll activities, financial reporting, and contract management. 

  • The annual budget is developed in support of the District Improvemeny Plan during the period of September through January for the following school year and is then submitted to the Board of Education in late January for review and discussion. The New London Public Schools budget consists of the city’s education appropriation along with numerous State, Federal, and private grants.  Varying grants have different grant periods ranging from a few months to over 2 years.  Budget approvals and budget revisions are governed by granting agencies and individual grant timelines.
  • The General Fund detailed budget must be approved by the Board of Education and submitted to the Mayor of New London no later than March 15 of each year.  The Mayor then prepares a city departmental budget that includes the Mayor’s recommended total amount for the education General Fund appropriation and submits the city budget to the City Council.  The City Council and the city Board of Finance hold a public hearing on the budget, and then the City Council takes final action on the General Fund appropriation, either accepting as submitted, or increasing or decreasing the bottom line.
  • Procurement is managed through our financial software system. All purchases or contracts must have a valid and approved purchase order in place prior to placing an order or signing a contract.  Public bids are initiated by the requesting department within New London Public Schools and issued by the City of New London purchasing agent.  All district contracts are reviewed and signed by the New London Public School Director of finance. Requests for purchases are inputted by departmental or grant aligned secretaries into the Munis software system as a requisitions, and must go through a workflow of approvals by department leaders and the Business Office.
  • Vendors must be set up in the Munis accounting system in order for a Purchase Order to be generated, and a Purchase Order is required in order to receive payment for goods and services. Vendors wishing to be set up should complete a W9 for and a Vendor Registration form (insert links) and email the completed forms to
  • All invoices must have a valid and sufficient purchase order in order to be paid. Vendors should email invoices to .  Invoices (or emails with invoices) must clearly indicate the Purchase Order number that the invoice is associated with.
  • New London Public Schools uses an electronic Time and Attendance System to record hourly time worked and to record paid time off. All non-certified staff and all administrators are given a log-in to the time and attendance system.  The accounting secretary can assist employees with questions about paid time off balances.  All timesheets must be approved by employee’s supervisors and are then processed by the business office payroll technician for bi-weekly paychecks.  Hiring, onboarding, and authorization to add employees to payroll and time and attendance rosters are processed by the Human Resources department and must be completed prior to any employee beginning work for the district. Employees with active time and attendance accounts may log into the time and attendance system at, using their district email address as their id and their district email password as their password.



Robert Funk

Titles: Executive Director of Finance

Melissa Flores-Seijo

Titles: Director

Kenneth Benton Brooks

Titles: Secretary

Evelyn Morales

Titles: Secretary

Karen Williams

Titles: Secretary

Rebecca Wooten

Titles: Secretary
Locations: Central Office