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1st Grade

Elementary (PreK-5) Continued Educational Opportunities Plan

Hello NLPS Elementary School Families! 

I am writing to inform you of the continued educational opportunities plan for New London’s PreK-5 students. We have missed seeing everyone’s smiling faces over the past two weeks and hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy. 
NLPS is dedicated to supporting students and families during this unprecedented time. The plan below describes how we will be supporting your child’s learning in the upcoming weeks. This plan has been designed to be flexible for families, and also give our teachers and students a way to reconnect.

What are the district's initial objectives for the New London Online Learning Plan?

- to be flexible and responsive to student and family needs
- to continue student learning through a new platform
- to support students in the effective use of online learning tools
- to connect with all of our students and support their diverse learning needs
- to provide frequent communication and feedback on student learning

How will students engage in online learning?

After much thought, we have decided to use the online platform SeeSaw to host our PreK-5 learning content over the coming weeks while we continue our learning outside of our traditional classrooms. If you need access to your student’s login information for SeeSaw please contact Through this platform you and your child will be able to:
- Communicate with the teachers they see in school for all subject areas including reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, music and physical education classes
- Receive assignments and learning materials from all teachers
- Post answers to assignments given by their teachers
- Continue new learning and review previously taught skills all in one place

Through SeeSaw teachers will be able to post videos to their classes saying hello, doing a demonstration, teaching a phonics lesson, engaging students in a read aloud and so much more! They can also post links, pictures and post back and forth with students.

What will teachers and students do online?

Your child’s/children’s teachers will provide assignments, due dates and feedback on posted work throughout the week. If you, or your child/children have any questions they can message the teacher directly to gain assistance. Teachers will reply to posts and questions within 24 hours.

When will students engage in online learning?

Every day, on your family’s schedule. Once teachers post activities and assignments on SeeSaw your child/children will be able to explore the content, watch the videos, explore the links and then post their responses. 
We understand that family’s schedules do not permit every student to be online at the same time every day, that is why once assignments are posted, your child has the entire day to engage and post their responses on the platform. Teachers will provide feedback and answer questions within 24 hours.

What should a family do if they do not have enough devices for their children?

NLPS staff is aware that students may have to share devices to do their work. The district has established a process for families to pick-up loaner device(s) for at-home use. More information can be found at 

How is NLPS supporting students with IEPs and 504 plans?

NLPS is providing multiples supports to students who have IEP and 504 plans. These include:
- Multiple ways of posting responses including recording a video, drawing, taking a picture and/or writing
- Special Education Teachers will have their own tab in SeeSaw where all of their students will be rostered and they can interact directly with them and provide direct instruction beyond just what students received from their general education teacher
- Families and students will be able to message teachers through SeeSaw if they have questions
- Special Education and General Education teacher’s will work together to meet the needs of all students, just as they do when we are at school
- Special Education teachers have created learning plans to meet each student’s goals
- IEP related service providers (OT, PT, Speech and Counseling) will be in touch individually to talk about alternative learning opportunities 

Helpful Hints:

Set Daily Routines
We encourage families to help students establish daily routines during this time. Routines are helpful to provide continuity, support students in achieving their goals, and offer structure as we transition to a new way of operating. By having assignments posted by a certain time each week and providing Classroom Office Hours, we hope to support each student as they continue their academic journey.

If You Have Questions, Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out
On the SeeSaw platform families and students will be able to ask questions directly to teachers

Take Breaks
Students should not be sitting in front of a computer or tablet for multiple hours per day. A good rule of thumb is to have them complete the work for one or two subject areas and take a five minute break to walk around, grab a snack and just take a break from the screen.

Ongoing Support
We appreciate that this Ongoing Educational Learning Plan is new to everyone: students, teachers, and families. While we cannot replicate the classroom learning experience, we have designed meaningful, targeted weekly learning opportunities for the coming weeks. We will be moving slowly in the first week to give families, students and staff a chance to get to know the SeeSaw platform, and will be adding more in the coming weeks.

Classroom teachers and support staff (English learners, special education, school counselors, etc.) will communicate with you regularly. As you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher, building administrator or myself. If you have technical questions, please contact the Help Desk at

Please stay safe and healthy!
Dr. Jennifer Hills-Papetti 
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Professional Development PreK-5

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