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POLICIES 2017-2018 

Student Transportation Services 

According to Policy 3541, the New London Board of Education will provide transportation of students under provisions of state law and regulations. The main purpose of the district’s transportation services is to aid students in getting to and from school in an efficient, safe and economical manner.  

Walking Distance Guidelines 

Transportation will be provided for resident public school students PK-12 and eligible private school, choice program, and technical high school students between their home and school within the school district who live beyond the following distances from the school they attend:  

PK - Grade 5   -    0.5 mile  

Grades 6-8     -       1 mile  

Grades 9-12   -     1.5 miles   

  1. Walking distance means the linear measure of a prescribed pedestrian route between the student’s residence to a point at the entrance of the school, or the bus pick-up area, or a safe entrance to the school grounds located within one hundred feet of the school building entrance; or the route from the point on the public thoroughfare nearest the residence to the school bus, or vehicle, embarkation point established by the administration.  

  2. One mile walking distance means a reasonable measurement of a route to be traversed extending from the point of measurement at least 5,280 feet, but not more than 5,380 feet.  


Routes and Schedules: 

The Superintendent shall establish transportation schedules which achieve maximum service with a minimum of vehicles consistent with providing equally reasonable service to all students.  

Location of Bus Stops:
The Superintendent shall determine the location of stops according to criteria of safety, efficiency, and economy. Bus routes shall be established so that an authorized bus stop is available within a reasonable walking distance of the home of every resident student entitled to transportation service. Operators of transportation vehicles shall be instructed not to load or unload passengers at other than authorized stops.

Parent’s and Guardian’s Responsibility:

A. Parents and guardians should keep at hand for ready reference the school schedule showing when the bus is due at their stop.  

B. Parents and guardians should make sure that children reach the school bus stop promptly according to schedule.  

C. Parents and guardians should accompany younger children to the bus stop for the first few days.  

D. Parents and guardians should instruct children: 

1. To walk facing traffic, if they must walk on the street. 

2. To look both ways before crossing the street.  

3. To wait on the shoulder or sidewalk, off the pavement.  

4. Parents and guardians who meet the school bus should wait on the side of the street.  

5. Parents and guardians should at all times set a good example in observing traffic rules and regulations.  

E. Parents, guardians or a parentally identified responsible third party of students in grades Pre K-1 should be present and visible at the time of student drop-off. If a parent, guardian or a parentally identified responsible third party is not visible at student drop-off, the student will be kept on the bus and brought back to the school, unless the driver, through radio contact with the school transportation coordinator, or bus company, is able to contact the parent or guardian and arrange drop off.


Transportation Student Behavior and Safety   

When a complaint is received from a bus driver concerning a discipline problem, the following procedure shall be utilized:

  1. The administrator shall discuss the problem with the student. At that time a review of proper behavior will be discussed, and a reminder given concerning the consequences of repeated acts.
  2. Should a second complaint be made; the administrator will again discuss the situation with the student. At that time the parents will be notified of the problem and informed that continued misbehavior will result in a suspension of bus privileges.
  3. A third complaint will result in a discussion with the administrator, notification of parents and suspension of bus privileges. Transportation during the period of suspension shall be the responsibility of the parents. 

In cases where the offense is of such gravity as to endanger the safety and well-being of other occupants of the bus, the above procedure may be disregarded and immediate suspension be invoked. In all cases due process procedures shall be followed as described in Policy 5114.   

Information concerning this policy shall be given to students and parents early in each school year.   




Transportation Safety Complaints   

All complaints concerning school transportation safety shall be made to the Director of Operations. The Director of Operations shall maintain a written record of all such complaints, and shall conduct appropriate investigations of the allegations. The Superintendent shall provide the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles with a copy of the written record of complaints within thirty (30) days of the end of the school year. 

Student Transportation Services (continued) Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes 10-186 Duties of local and regional boards of education 10-220 Duties of boards of education 14-275 Equipment and color of school buses 14-275a Use of standard school bus required, when. 14-275b Transportation of handicapped students. 14-275c Regulations re school buses and motor vehicles used to transport special education students. 14-276a (c) Town/school district may require its school bus operators to have completed a safety training course. 14-280 Letters and signals to be concealed when not used in transporting children. Signs on other vehicles. 20 U.S.C. NCLB Act of 2001, P.L. 107-110, Title I, Section 1116 McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act of 2001, P.L. 107- 110, 42 U.S.C., Sections 11431-11435 

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