FY2021-2022 Budget Book

  • Dear Members of the New London Board of Education and NLPS School Community:

    January and February continued to be very busy months as we worked to bring forth our school district’s budget proposal for School Year 2021-2022 (SY22). We wish to thank the Board of Education, Central Office and all school and department leaders, teachers, support staff, students and parents who have been active in sharing needs, ideas, and requests as we worked to develop the proposed budget for SY22.

    Please look below to view the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget for SY2021-2022.

    Below are the key dates for upcoming budget presentations and milestones:

    • March 3: Board of Education Special Meeting: Workshop 1
    • March 3: Budget Inquiry Form to launch on website
    • March 4: Board of Education Special Meeting: Workshop 2
    • March 10: Public Hearing on the budget 
      • If you would like to speak during this meeting, please sign up by emailing Kristea Francolino: Francolinok@newlondon.org. The agenda can be viewed on the District Calendar for attendee access information. 
    • March 10: Budget Inquiry Form to close on website
    • March11: Board of Education Business Meeting – Action Item for Budget Approval
    • March 15: Transmission of Final Budget to the Mayor of the City of New London 

    If you would like to submit a question regarding our Proposed Budget for SY2021-2022, please click here. As a reminder, agendas for all Board of Education meetings can be found on the District Calendar when posted.