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After School Opportunities

  •  No. Program Name  Short Description Teacher Leader(s)
     1  Drama Club Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theatre. Students will collaboratively participate in a variety of drama-based activities, such as improvisation, theatre games, and short scenes. Drama Club students will also perform and/or support at least one performance (either virtual, live-streamed, or pre-recorded).  Mrs. Hepler
     2  Ocean Bowl and Envirothon  Ocean Bowl is an academic competition and program that addresses a national gap in environmental and earth sciences in public education by introducing high school students to and engaging them in ocean science, preparing them for ocean science-related and other STEM careers, and helping them become knowledgeable citizens and environmental stewards.  Mrs. Cuomo
     3  HOSA Biomedical  HOSA is a platform to encourage students pursuit of health care related fields. The program is organized around competitive events that are held at the state; National; and International level.  Dr. Beebe
     4  Robotics  Robotics Club competes locally and nationally in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Our club is broken into three parts. The Mechanical team works on constructing and testing the Robot, the Electrical team works on powering, wiring and coding the robot, and last but not least our Business team works on sponsorships, logos and community outreach. We are excited to get back to testing our robot and preparing for the season!  Mr. Brown
     5  NJROTC  The NJROTC afterschool program will help your child learn the values of good citizenship, self-discipline, and leadership.  Chief Hardman and Lt Cdr Matteucci
     6  Culinary  Explore cultural recipes from around the world, farm to table. Club consists of cooking as well as gardening experiences  Chef Torres
     7  E-Sports  Video game competition with schools in CT and the region. Partnered with BDJMS.  Mr. Fletcher
     8  More Than Words  The mission of MTW Diversity/Leadership group is to promote respect for diversity, facilitate communication, and build trust among members of our community. We are a regional diversity/leadership group (New London, Groton, & Ledyard High Schools). We meet all year & have quarterly training workshops as a region. We also plan outreach programs facilitated by our students for elementary or middle school students.  Mrs. Zimbelman
     9  Multi-Cultural Club  Experience diverse customs and traditions from different countries through music, dance, food, and artifacts, etc. In addition, students would understand and appreciate the culture of different countries and promote responsible citizenship through community service.  Ms. Peralta
     10  Peer Mentoring (LIFT Academy)  Peer as well as adult mentoring and tutoring offered to all students  Mr. Clark
     11  Entrepreneurship  Network with professionals and gain hands-on experience in digital marketing, branding, and business management.  Mr. Satterfield
     12  Workout Club  Work out in a safe manner and learn best practices with a certified athletic trainer. Turnier  Mr. Turnier
     13  SAT Prep  Students will practice college board real SAT test to get used to test expressions and strategies.  Mrs. Elsayed
     14  GSA  Gay-Straight Alliance  TBD
     15  Athletic Academy  Workshop/Informational sessions regarding post-secondary options for Seniors and potential collegiate athletes.  Mr. Fletcher
     16  Community Mentoring  Utilizing community partners to provide mentoring and/or tutoring opportunities.  Mr. Clark
     17  Creative Writing  Discuss different genres of print media and work improving your skills as a creative writer  Mr. Bridges
     18  Homework Club  Additional help with assignments, research, test prep, etc.  Mr. Messick
     19  Math Homework Club  Students will use the time to make up their missing work and practice more to master what they are learning in the area of Mathematics  Mrs. Elsayed
     20  Math Team  Math team members practice college-level math problems from past competitions in order to prepare for monthly competitions. It is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where students learn collaboratively!  Ms. DeNies and Mrs. Lavruk
     21  Woodworking Club  Practice and guidance in the area of carpentry and woodworking.  Mr. Madden
     22  Ethnic Studies Club  In an effort to continue to grow the Ethnic Studies program, we are offering an after school club this year. The club will allow the students to conduct interviews, create materials for elementary students and encourage more students to take the course in the future  Mrs. Pfeiffer
     23  Art Council  Arts Council is a club focused on student artist engagement and community activism. This after school program will give students more time to work on personal art and to collaborate to plan and curate art shows both on campus and off. Students will take on leadership roles as they organize events and Arts Council activities.  Mrs. Rasi and Ms. Magner
     24  Nuclear Engineering Club  Explore the field of nuclear engineering in conjunction with community partners. (To begin Spring Semester)  Dr. Ei