BDJ Student Services

  • Student Services

    The Student Services department at Bennie Dover Jackson Multi-Magnet Campus invites all students to use its resources. The department has adopted a developmental guidance curriculum, and each student is assigned a school counselor. The counselors are interested in their students and want to be as accessible to them as possible. Students may make appointments with their counselors during study periods, before and after school, or by special arrangement. Appointment requests are available in the student services office.

    The Student Services department’s objectives are to foster initiative, encourage students to set goals, and to reinforce the importance of personal responsibility.

    Parents are urged to become acquainted with their son’s or daughter’s school counselor.

    School Counselor Assignments

    6th Grade School Counselor

    7th Grade School Counselor

    8th Grade School Counselor

    Intervention School Counselor

    Bilingual School Counselor


    Barbara Zegarewski

    860-437-7213 x7213


    Charlotte Papa

    860-437-6480 x7582

    Kimberly Molina

    860-437-6480 x4012

    Ian Barbato

    860-437-6480 x7297

    Tedman Martinez


    School Psychologist

    The school psychologist conducts psychological and educational assessments as requested by a PPT. He/she counsels students, consults with staff and parents and assists the PPT in developing individualized educational programs.  He/she is a referral resource to teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents and may help any BDJMMC student experiencing difficulties. 

    Referral for psychological and/or psychiatric assistance by other social services agencies within or outside the school may also be recommended. Please note: The school will not conduct a psychological examination, test, or treatment without first obtaining the parents/guardian’s written consent.

    The school psychologist at BDJMMSC is Mr. Kevin Durkin. For more information, please contact him at or 860-437-6480 x7291 

    School Social Worker

    The school social worker provides individual, group, and family counseling services to Bennie Dover Jackson Multi-Magnet Campus students and their families.  The social worker and our Motivation Officer are responsible for pursuing truancy referrals, and, when necessary, involving appropriate community agencies. In addition, the social worker may be a participant in student/teacher conferences, PPT meetings involving special education students and child study meetings.  The social worker serves on the Crisis Intervention Team and is an important resource to families experiencing difficulties.

    The school social workers at BDJMMSC are:


    Anonymous Reporting and Mental Health Supports

    New London Public Schools strives to provide a safe, secure, and respectful learning environment for all students in our school buildings, on our school grounds and on school buses, and at all school-sponsored activities.  Bullying and harassment (written, verbal, physical, cyber), illegal activity (weapons, drugs, alcohol, theft, vandalism), or threats to student safety are not tolerated.

    Students and families may make oral or written reports of bullying or safety concerns with school staff and administrators, in addition to several options to report concerns anonymously.  Anonymous reporting boxes are found in both the middle and high school guidance suites and an electronic form can be submitted via the district website.  Students and families may also submit an anonymous report through Anonymous Alerts, either through the app or web. All reports are followed up promptly by appropriate school and/or district staff.

    Students with mental health or other crises are supported by school-based staff.  All schools are supported by School Psychologists, School Social Workers, and School Counselors (6-12). In addition, the district maintains a Social and Emotional Support request form on the district website for students and families to request assistance.