Apply for Fall 2021!

  • Are you interested in joining a New London Public Schools’ magnet pathway? If so, you are invited to apply now for the Fall 2021 school year. We offer three, comprehensive magnet pathways: International Education (Developing & IB Candidacy), Visual & Performing Arts, and STEM. It is easy to apply using SchoolMint. Just click on the SchoolMint Application Process button below to create your SchoolMint account and get started! 

    The SchoolMint Application Process

    1. Visit a school or take a tour. 
    2. Create your SchoolMint Account.
    3. Rank all of the schools or magnet pathways available to you.
    4. Submit your online application.
    5. 6-12 applicants will be notified via email and text message in February.
    6. Once accepted, complete online registration in SchoolMint and bring all required documents to the designated registration site.
    7. Attend student orientation and let us get to know you!


    Fall 2021 Open Enrollment Deadline January 30th