Nurse's Office

  • Be a proactive parent!  Get your child's immunizations scheduled and done before summer starts.  The links below will help you to know what information is needed so that when school starts you will be prepared.  You can turn this information in to the school nurse prior to the end of the year if it is done.  Remember - the school nurse is here in school until the end of the year and returns 5 days before the start of school in Sept.  
    School Immunization Requirements: This is a link that indicates what immunizations are required and at which age.  Parents must provide documentation of required immunizations prior to the start of school or your child may be prevented from attending school.

    Preschool Health Assessment:
    This is the link to the preschool health assessment record required by all preschool children entering school.

    Health Assessment Form:  This is the link to the Health assessment record.  A school physical is Mandatory for all children entering Kindergarten and the physical must be within 1 year of the start of school.  So for school year 2018-2019 the physical must be after Aug. 30, 2017.  The nursing office also requests that the information on the front page be updated yearly if the information on the front page has changed.  Students transferring to our school must provide documentation of a physical prior to entering school unless they are determined to be homeless.
    These forms are available in the nursing office until the end of school.  Your pediatrician also has access to these requirements.  If you have questions please call the school nurse or your child's pediatrician.