World Language Program

  • What is World Language?

    The World Language model provides all students in an elementary school with language learning opportunities. Research studies have indicated that the early study of a second language results in improved memory, gains in academic achievement, and increases in self-esteem, creativity and positive attitudes towards diversity.

    What does World Language look like?

    World Language develops student's language proficiency by providing the language instruction with the ultimate goal of communication. In addition, the culture of the target language is integrated into instruction. Classes are 50-55 minutes of instruction two or more times a week.

    What are program goals?

    The goals of the program are:

    1. To promote global awareness and cultural competency
    2. To develop increased proficiency in oral communication
    3. To meet district, state and national world language standards

    What does World Language curriculum look like?

    The World Language curriculum for each grade will include:

    1. Performance Objectives
    2. Cultural integration
    3. Vocabulary Focus

    How is World Language taught?

    World Language is a proficiency-oriented. This means that there is a greater focus on meaningful and purposeful communication. Students are encouraged first to understand and then to produce in the language. The target language is used by both teachers and students. The teacher is a certified World Language Instructor.